Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Queers rally for #BlackLivesMatter on Christmas Eve

The intersection of Market street and Octavia Boulevard was blocked to traffic briefly this morning while LGBT protesters reminded passersby that the struggle for justice cannot take a holiday.

Both the SFPD and motorists were largely tolerant of the disruption. Some drivers honked approval. I have no idea what cars backed up on the freeway out of sight of the protest may have thought was going on.

While we occupied the intersection we chanted a litany of names of victims of police violence.

We observed 4 minutes and 28 seconds of silence recalling the 4 and one half hours Mike Brown's body lay on the street in Ferguson after he was shot by an officer last August.

From mid-Market we marched up the intersection of Castro and Market.

Again we formed a circle around a large pink triangle ...

... and again sat silent for 4 minutes, 28 seconds.

No assemblage is complete without some preaching; her message was Queer Black lives matter!

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