Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday scenes and scenery: Bay Bridge west

The western section of the Bay Bridge, stretching from Yerba Buena Island into San Francisco, is the ugly duckling of the city's bridges. The Golden Gate Bridge is iconic; the new "signature span" that is the eastern half of the Bay Bridge may not have been worth a 26 year wait from the time it fell down in the 1989 earthquake, but it sure is spectacular. (It includes a bike path; I'll have to go walk it one day ...)

Still, from the Embarcadero running below its western end, this bridge is pretty spectacular. The palms are a post-earthquake embellishment; they've done better than I expected.

The attachments of its suspension cables to the concrete anchorage are suitably gargantuan.

Monster cranes over downtown are visible through its struts.

When weather cooperates (rarely except this winter), this patio is a nice place to sit.

All photos are out-takes from Precinct #7638 at 596 Precincts.

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