Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Another, less alluring, Opening Day

Various commentators are suggesting that this will be the week when a bevy of 2016 presidential candidates stop being coy about their intentions. Kilgore explains the timing:

March 31 marked the end of a reporting period for campaign and quasi-campaign activities, and as good a time as any to turn the page. And delaying into or past spring could be hazardous for the Republicans who want to preserve the opportunity to compete in the Ames—oops, excuse me, the Boone—Straw Poll in August. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton needs to extinguish any doubt that she’s actually running for president, and potential rivals need to show potential donors and volunteers that they’re not wasting their time.

Local wheat pasters have already offered their commentary:


Rain Trueax said...

Since she leased office space, she's running. What I hope is we get specifics on what she wants to do if she wins. She tends to use glossy terms to avoid that and make everybody think she's on their side. We should not accept that-- except with only one dem candidate, we would have to. I hope some of the others get into this and make a serious effort. Corey Booker would be an appealing candidate. Maybe Webb or O'Malley. I guess we can't hope for Warren which is too bad but I see her point. She would face a grueling battle if she went for it, as everyone assumes it's Hillary's.

janinsanfran said...

Over at Facebook, my friend Sarah comments: Would be nice to have someone run against the neoliberal consensus and growing inequality. And against endless wars on terror and drugs.

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