Friday, April 17, 2015

Has the man ever worked?

No surprises here, but after successful #fightfor15 rallies this week, it is probably worth getting this out:
Jeb Bush thinks that if big companies have to pay workers more money, inequality will increase and most people will become poorer. If you can believe that, I've got a nice bridge for sale ...

He also wants to raise the retirement age at which we can collect our Social Security.

H/t for the vid.


Rain Trueax said...

I really really dislike these guys on the right, all of them. The idea of raising the age of retirement sounds good for those who don't work hard all their lives like my father, who won't live long enough to enjoy a retirement. That tends to be the poor. The easy solution for SS is up where the tax is paid. Dollars are worth less; so just have people keep paying it on their income. They could likely even lower the rate if they did that.

Hattie said...

He lives on Planet Rich.

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