Monday, June 22, 2015

May there be rest for the weary and comfort for the suffering

After a weekend of grief and rage, I could post more here about the violence and cruelty of my nation -- or I could attend Compline. I opted for Compline.

Compline is an evening contemplative service in which we acknowledge that we can do no more about the cares of the day and consign ourselves in trust to God's care for the night to come.

... protect us through the hours of this night, so that we who are wearied by the changes and chances of this life my rest in you eternal changelessness ...

Endersnight is offering this contemplative service at St. John the Evangelist in the Mission.

Taking its name from the 15th-century century English carol “This Enders Night,” Endersnight is an a cappella vocal ensemble specializing in the performance of sacred polyphonic choral repertoire of the 14­th-16th centuries. Members of the choir are veterans of the leading professional choral groups of the San Francisco Bay Area, including Chanticleer, San Francisco Symphony Chorus, Philharmonia Baroque Chorale, American Bach Soloists, Clerestory, Volti and the Grace Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys, among others. They come together out of camaraderie, a passion for early choral music and a shared appreciation for liturgical tradition. Though professional musicians, the singers of Endersnight have volunteered to take part in the birth of Night Music at St. John’s.

Now it is night; tomorrow is another day.


Michael Strickland said...

So how was it? I have a FB friend who was singing in it and who desperately wanted some coverage but I was both sick and busy.

janinsanfran said...

Mike: I thought the music both lovely and complex. But I don't consider myself competent to comment on music. Come by on the third Sunday in July and let me know what you think. Daniel Pickens-Jones, who sings professionally at the Cathedral and elsewhere, has joined the parish and brought us this gift.

Hattie said...

I'm pausing and thinking now about race matters, reflecting.

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