Thursday, March 03, 2016

In Utah??

Very rarely, encountering an unexpected headline feels like bouncing off an unexpected wall. In this instance the sensation is welcome, but utterly unanticipated.

Utah Senate narrowly votes to abolish death penalty
A year ago, Utah lawmakers were expanding the ways the state could execute inmates condemned to death. This week, the state took a major step toward possibly abolishing the death penalty entirely.

The Utah state Senate narrowly voted on Wednesday to approve a bill that scraps the death penalty, with 15 state senators — the minimum number needed for passage — voting to send it to the state’s House of Representatives.

Washington Post

This doesn't mean the struggle is over in Utah; more likely it is just starting. But a good start.

We've got quite enough killing in this country. Anything that moves the state out of the execution business is simply right.

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janinsanfran said...

Here's a more informative Washington Post article about a Utah state Senator's change of heart and mind on the death penalty.

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