Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The answer to the Donald

The Republican frontrunner warrants an appearance from Mr. Dickhead. He says so himself.

In every crisis, there is also opportunity. Or so always says some annoying Pollyanna. Here's one such from Philadelphia:

This fall, if Trump indeed grabs the GOP nomination, Americans have the chance of a lifetime to stand up and be counted against racism, xenophobia, and hatred. It means turning the defeat of Donald Trump into a crusade, even more so than electing whomever his opponent turns out to be. That means talking to your family members, your friends or even going door-to-door on weekends in your neighborhood to make sure that America smashes its record for voter turnout on Nov. 8.

It's the 60 Percent Solution. It's the only way to stop Donald Trump. Not by rolling over his supporters, but by going around them at the ballot box -- a fitting reaffirmation of democracy. ...

Defeating Trump at the ballot box is just the beginning of the work. The 45th president is going to have to address some of the conditions that helped make Trump possible, the job losses and income inequality that have shrunk and squeezed the middle class. If not, we could find ourselves going through this nightmare all over again, and once in a lifetime seems plenty.

Will Bunch, Attytood

Bunch is right, of course.


Rain Trueax said...

It's not a done deal by any means that it will be Trump. Cruz is even worse and in ways that would more deeply impact our culture for generations. I am very disappointed that the choice on my side is likely to be Hillary. She's better but in a lot of ways also terrible :(. For anyone though who says they won't vote if Bernie doesn't get it, they need to look at ALL the Republican candidates. It doesn't matter who it is-- as they stand today-- it's disastrous. I wonder if I will ever again see a Republican candidate who won't horrify me. And these primaries are often being decided by a few hundred thousand voters-- or considerably less. The fact that Americans are so un-involved, on both sides, should be equally scary.

Brandon said...


If you've seen the movie version with Hayley Mills, you remember that late in the movie she falls and gets injured. While she recovers, Pollyanna has her moment of doubt that everything is good.
The Republican caucus in Hawaii is tonight. Charles Djou, a former congressman, is for John Kasich, and really against Donald Trump.


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