Monday, August 01, 2016

Polluting the air we breathe ...

I'm staying with an older relative who needs a little help. When we go out, to community events or just to see the ocean, she sometimes rides in a wheelchair.

Like most people in her circle, she's no fan of Donald Trump. I don't inquire much; if this is more because he is a vulgarian than because he is a racist, I don't need to hear about it. I hear nothing about her feelings about Hillary either, but she knows which way she is voting. In a dangerous season, that has to do. Period.

Today I looked at the wheelchair and asked if she'd like some kind of sticker to make it more her own, more expressive of her individual tastes. She's that sort; she perked up. I was a little surprised by how political her answer turned out to be.

Maybe it could just be the name and the red circle and slash! You know, 'No Trump.'

Then she thought a bit.

I guess they wouldn't bother an old lady in a wheelchair ...

Now, objectively, this is nonsense. In her world, she is more likely to receive cheers than jeers for dissing the Donald. But there it is.

Of course, she decided she wanted such a sticker. I think she'll enjoy the response when we put it on.


Anonymous said...

I think that's a great real-world example of how political intimidation starts - the most vulnerable feel it first - Hunter

Michael Strickland said...

I heard an encouraging story from a friend yesterday whose Christian fundamentalist mother in Missouri has long vowed that she wouldn't "vote for Hillary Clinton for dog catcher," but this particular year she is voting for Hillary Clinton for President.

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