Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday scenes and scenery: Vineyard politicking

Walter Shapiro reports that Martha's Vineyard Island residents have become blasé about Presidential vacations in an interesting look at the culture of the place. From my observations, that's true, though there are occasional signs, like this one. This may be in part because the Prez, his entourage, and the Secret Service have learned how to be more low key. A few years ago they closed roads, stuck unhappy local cops in cruisers in the woods, and buzzed the forests with helicopters. None of that this year, that I've seen.

Obama fans are enjoying one last chance to display their mementos.

Naturally, many island residents are looking forward, not backward. Although, in the Massachusetts primary on March 3, Donald Trump swept the Republican vote here, taking 48.4 percent, his hundreds of votes were a tiny fraction of the thousands of votes cast on the Democratic side. Bernie Sanders prevailed in this county with 54 percent.

The Clintons too are experienced and familiar visitors to the island. If Hillary wins, the Secret Service would probably love to continue the tradition of Presidential vacations in this relatively secure venue.

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