Friday, September 09, 2016

I always knew I hated soap

Soap always felt unnatural to me. I use it, but I'm instinctively as concerned about removing any soap residue from my body as scrubbing off the dirt I've gotten into. Plain water makes for a fine wash as far as I'm concerned.

So I loved this exploration of whether we really need all the goop we think we need to get clean.
What do you think about soap?

H/t Time Goes By for the video.


Brandon said...

I favor Ivory soap, and bar soaps in general. I avoid the antibacterials with triclosan.

Hattie said...

A French woman long ago told me not to use soap on my skin and especially not on my face. I just use Ivory Soap for necessary cleaning, noton my entire skin surface. I do like baths and showers, and I don't use lotions and such, since my skin does not get dry in this climate. It is necessary to wash my hair every day, though, with a small amount of medicated anti-psoriasis shampoo. And I scrub my feet carefully once a day, also.
Probably TMI!

janinsanfran said...

It's been nice to learn as a consequence of this post how many others are not soap loves. :-)

Brandon said...

On a bathing-related note:

How is the drought where you are?

janinsanfran said...

Hi Brandon: The drought remains serious in California for exactly the reasons in MSN article: the state is drawing down its underlying groundwater, especially for agriculture. Urban users have actually cut water use by 25 percent or more in the last few years -- some of that is shorter showers I'm sure. Also less unneeded watering of decorative planting. But it is not clear how the big water users will get by in a drier climate.

Meanwhile, you get hurricanes.

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