Thursday, September 08, 2016

Primary election day in Massachusetts

It's raining, a Thursday in September is a weird day to hold an election, but these stalwarts are trying to drum up some interest. The Secretary of State predicts an eight percent turnout.

The nominations at stake are the ones few attend to until they need to interact with government: state reps, county sheriff, register of deeds. I would have thought that last one would be called "registrar" of deeds, but apparently not. This elected official administers one of 21 "Registry of Deeds" offices into which the Commonwealth (State) is divided for the purpose of keeping land records. The campaigns have been insistent; candidates have popped up at community events and in front of grocery stores for the last month. Ah, democracy.

Let's hope a few people vote. In this small place, many who do will probably be acquainted with their candidates.

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