Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"A hood ornament on the Trumpmobile"

The closest Republican Congressman to San Francisco who deserves early retirement in 2018 is Jeff Denham in CA-10, a district centered in Modesto in the San Joaquin Valley. Along with friends, I'm researching the district's concerns, wanting to be more a help than an intruder as his constituents work to elect a replacement. The guy voted to yank access to health care from thousands of his constituents; the district is poor and heavily dependent on Medicaid (we call it Medical in this state). Otherwise he's a standard issue "deregulating" GOPer, all in for letting coal companies dump their garbage in streams, allowing offshore oil drilling, and closing down Planned Parenthood's services to women.

Folks in Turlock seemed to be doing an energetic job of getting on his case on May 9.

There will be more ...

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