Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The young people are alright!

San Francisco students brought a carefully written, widely negotiated resolution to the elected school board last night. The Undocumented, Unafraid, United (U3) Student Resolution included three points:
  • SFUSD staff may not assist or cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement or other immigration law enforcement agents
  • SFUSD staff may not consent to agents’ access to campus. This does not prevent law enforcement from continuing their work.
  • SFUSD staff must refer agents to the Superintendent and Legal Office in person for a review of document, such as warrant
The students worked with their peers to figure out what they and their communities needed to feel protected by the schools. Their teachers and the board worked with them to figure out what might be possible.

The adult school board voted for this "sanctuary" measure unanimously -- and discussed their ongoing responsibility to make sure that it is actually implemented.

This is what an institutional commitment to resist and protect might look like.


Brandon said...

Re: my question from the other day: How do Christians reconcile resistance with Romans 13?

janinsanfran said...

Brandon: mostly I think early Christian fathers wanted their little flock to survive empire, at least until the immanently expected final judgment. When they looked to the example of their Founder, they also knew well that empire was not merciful and ultimately Truth was what was enjoined. The result was not comforting.

Scary stuff!