Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A farce, a tragedy, and possibly some crimes

For today, a summer cold has knocked me flat, so I'll outsource reaction to Trump and the Russians to Ezra Klein.

And so we are faced with a crisis that leaves vast swaths of American politics stained. The election is tainted. The White House is tainted. Our foreign policy is tainted. If impeachment seems impossible, it is only because we believe that Republicans in Congress would sooner protect a criminal administration than risk their legislative agenda to uphold the rule of law — which is all to say, Congress is tainted, too.

The actors in this drama are often comic, pathetic, and incompetent. But the damage they have done, and are doing, is almost beyond imagining. As often as this looks like farce, we should not forget it’s a tragedy.

As usual, the victims will be those most vulnerable.


Hattie said...

Get better soon!

Brandon said...

Summer colds are particularly awful. I hope you get well soon.

Michael Strickland said...

Dear Jan: Please crawl out of bed and fix that "trajedy" typo.

janinsanfran said...

Thanks Mike -- I'm surprisingly sick. :-)

Michael Strickland said...

Take care and if it doesn't get better, get yourself to a doctor. About three weeks ago I got desperately sick out of nowhere on a Saturday night, and by Monday morning was sure I was dying. Turned out to be a staph infection causing something called facial cellulitis where my face started swelling into Elephant Man. After two hours of emergency room intravenous antibiotics I was literally healed, but jeesh, it's scary when one's usually healthy body goes haywire.

joared said...

Hope you'll feel better soon. Looking forward to the day this D.C. tragedy exists only in our nation's history.

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