Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The hills are still there ... and so are the National Parks

... and so for the moment is this gem. Until August 28, citizens and residents older than 62 can purchase this lifetime pass providing free admission to the parks (and national forests and some other federal land agencies) for a mere $10. It is good for you and anyone with you for as long as you don't lose it, for the rest of your life if you can manage that! The minuscule price has been the same since 1994 but is going up to $80 for the same lifetime benefits at the end of the next month.

This is a pre-Trump price increase by the way. Congress, in its wisdom, decided on the price hike in the last session of 2016.

What struck me as we drove in and out of Yosemite and Inyo National Forest waving our passes was the response of the rangers. "Thank you! Thank you! Enjoy the park!"

My instinctive reaction was that we should be thanking them, rather than the other way around. But obviously some one has trained them in the political implications of making the cheap passes available to elders. Who votes in this country? Overwhelmingly, it is old people. Over 70 percent of eligible people over 60 turned out last November. The parks need defenders and supporters who vote. The Senior Pass helps build the support base for America's Best Idea.

Get one when you can. It will still be a good deal when the price goes up, but it is a phenomenal perk right now.

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