Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Making America White Again is not so easy

Trump and Republicans are up against a hard reality. The Washington Post aggregates demographers' assessments of the likely result of the sort of immigration restrictionist plans they are trying to make law.

Conclusion: cut backs in immigration might buy the white majority one to five more years in mid-century before various groups labelled "minorities" outnumber "white" people. (You know -- as is true today in California and other civilized corners of the country.)

Of course the restrictionist regime would inflict irreparable harm and pain among families unable to reunite with parents, brothers and sisters, or adult children. But hey, who cares about the affections of brown people?

And the economic damage could be great: this country's adult white labor force is shrinking. We're dependent on immigrants to fill many less well paying economic slots. But hey, who cares if we have enough hospital orderlies or janitors or elder care workers?

If Republicans really wanted to keep the country "white", they'd lavish resources on education and career advancement for Latinos who might be attracted to cross over and identify as white. But so long as they continue to demonize black, brown, and Asian-origin kids and deport their aunties, that's not going to work.


joared said...

Well, of course this is all about catering to that minority of Americans who help make up this political leader’s base and the political party that sold their soul for power. The real issue is preserving our democratic republic and the freedoms we all want. This minority group are the ones in the wings willing to incite violence which is part and partial of the process history shows us is followed to lead despots to taking control of a country.

janinsanfran said...

Joared: agree that violence is both symptom and danger. Enhancing the ICE/CBP forces (spawned under that racist Kelly) as counterweights to existing sometimes law-abiding law enforcement is certainly part of the aspirations of our domestic fascists. We resist because we are stubborn people, I think.

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