Monday, June 04, 2018

Aspiring governor in the 'hood

Awakened early by an over-friendly cat on my face, I looked out the front window at dawn to see this: Antonio Villaraigosa amidst a film crew, warming up for a quick take. He looked small and a little lonely amidst the techs and handlers (all white as far as I could see).

Tomorrow's election could well be the end of a flame out for Villaraigosa. The once promising Los Angeles mayor has to manage to come in a weak second to Gavin Newsom in order to be on the ballot in November. He's got a couple of Republicans on his tail; some polling says the voters will send him home.

Failing campaigns are brutal on candidates and their entourage.

Villaraigosa performed his riff and within an hour the little assemblage had disappeared. Maybe you'll see the product on TV?

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