Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Trump's video trailer for his nothingburger summit

Much of the media finds this weird video apparently gifted from Trump to Kim simply dumbfounding. I don't.

A story: years ago, when I was doing some consulting on organizational effectiveness for the ACLU, I had the sad duty of researching and explaining one of the facts of life to the civil liberties groups' brilliant director. According the best opinion studies, about 16 percent of citizens thought TV cop dramas were documentaries, literally true. (Obviously these folks had no personal experience of police or courts.) This phony film is for these same people. I doubt if it will occur to polling and marketing companies to inquire, but it is aimed at the segment of the population who will believe it. They exist.


Celia said...

Sadly I have a friend who believes that about those cop dramas. No matter how many times I say it's just fiction it doesn't make a dent.

Rain Trueax said...

Whether it's a nothing burger (so Hillary sounding lol) depends on what happens next. I'd like to think no war in that region but time will tell.

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