Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Ilhan Omar is expected to be elected to Congress next Tuesday

This Somali-American Minnesota state legislator and refugee from Kenya will give the hallowed House of Representatives some new perspectives. Isn't that what so many people who've migrated here have brought to this country?

She explains why she runs for office:

“It is part of my Islamic teaching to make sure we are charitable,” Ms. Omar told me. “A huge part of the Islamic faith is that you can’t sleep with a full belly if your neighbors and those around you aren’t sleeping with a full belly.”

H/t to Wajahat Ali in the New York Times.


Celia said...

Wonderful, I wish her success.

Rain Trueax said...

She's very pretty. I have no idea what she means by charity where it comes to government. Be interesting as more democratic socialists take power as to how they pay for their ideas. Repubs never seem to worry about that either but then they want to undo a lot of government. When someone wants it to work, then how to pay for it becomes a bigger issue-- especially with interest going up.

Rain Trueax said...

I am discontinuing my political type blog as of Saturday because it's not making me feel good. I'll keep Rainy Day Thought and it might sometimes address cultural issues. Diane does painting and creativity on her Wednesday. So, I don't have a place for this link, but I went looking for who Stacey Abrams. Although I am down on socialism and spending money without figuring out what it means, i could see voting for this woman. Stacey Abrams. I was impressed and could see myself voting for her if I lived in Georgia. I liked her approach to issues and can see why she has been popular.

I am moving your blog link back to my roll there because it seems to me you are posting reasonable political ideas that aren't about blind attacking. We might disagree as to what is best for the country but I can always listen to people who are paying attention and care

janinsanfran said...

Thanks Rain. I try to be thoughtful. Though today I've dispatching 50 volunteer campaigning in Nevada for Jacky Rosen.

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