Thursday, November 08, 2018

Jacky Rosen victory speech

Still enjoying having played a part in electing this woman to the US Senate from Nevada. I seldom watch politicians speaking -- it's seldom a rewarding exercise. But my UniteHERE/Culinary Workers union teammates saw this live on election night and insisted I should watch. It's a little long; but hey, I got to cut her some slack since she'd just won a tough election.

The best parts is when she reminisces about working as a cocktail waitress at a casino to put herself through college -- and points out that same casino is the location of this victory party she is addressing.

I also liked seeing her warm relationship with the women who'd been her team.

May this Democratic Senator have a long, fruitful career sticking up for the working people of her state.

Give the video a whirl if curious.

1 comment:

Joared said...

Glad to see your efforts rewarded, from which we’ll all benefit in other states.

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