Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Not all news is bad ... really


The Survey and Policy Research Institute (SPRI) at San Jose State University asked Californians what should be done about unauthorized immigrants.

A substantial majority of Californians continues to support a path to legal residency for undocumented and illegal immigrants. In October, 59% of California adults (53% of voters) said that undocumented or illegal immigrants living or working here should be allowed to become legal residents of the state, while 30% (36% of voters) disagreed.

SPRI has asked the same question about immigration in quarterly surveys since March 2006, and support for residency has remained steady at between 50-63% over that time period. Support for legal residency is strongest among Latinos (78%), liberals (69%), and Democrats (67%), while the idea is less popular among Republicans (44%) and conservatives (48%).

What jumps out at me is that this majority who just want our neighbors legalized is not being heard in the immigration debate. How to do we make the majority audible and effectual?

Thanks to California Progress Report for pointing to the SPRI poll.

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