Sunday, April 03, 2005

People of the Wrathful Lamb


Now there's a sight that scares me. While walking in downtown San Francisco, I came across these folks today. They appeared to be Chinese, mostly adult and older women, accompanied by some small children who appeared 10 and under. The kids were handing out flyers.

As I snapped this picture, I was observed and chased down by an older woman very earnestly imploring me to understand something about "a new prophet." Like a sensible modern San Franciscan, I beat it, rudely leaving her talking to the air.

Some kind of fundamentalists I thought -- a kind that thinks that we must relate to Jesus as a wrathful Lamb. This is difficult to envision.

In fact the flyers quickly proved thoroughly bizarre. They announced "God's Chosen Holy Mount…Where is the mountain? …the Holy Land consecrated by God is no longer Jerusalem in the Middle East; it is Mount Zion in Taiwan, an isle in the East. This mountain is God's chosen holy mount in these last days.…The later day Elijah is here."

Okay, these folks have an esoteric teaching that is important to them. If you really want to know, you can visit their website or read this carefully neutral report on a visit to the Mount Zion of the Grace of Jesus Christ Crusade and New Testament Church. These formations intend to replace all existing Christian denominations, but that certainly doesn't make them unique.

But I do have to wonder, what circumstances make people think their God promises to greet them with anger? I am very grateful that I have never been able to believe such a thing.

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