Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Morning Retch: "Whites Only" bathrooms at Tyson


Tyson Foods Sued for Race Bias and Retaliation Against Blacks; 'Whites Only' Restroom at Issue

[An Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuit] alleges that Tyson violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by discriminating against Henry Adams, Leon Walker, and other black employees, by establishing and maintaining a locked bathroom facility, which on occasion had signs posted on it stating "Out of Order" and "Whites Only". Keys to the facility were distributed to white employees only. After Mr. Adams and Mr. Walker complained of the segregated facility, management subjected them to adverse employment actions, including suspensions and disciplinary write-ups. Link.
Not surprisingly, the poultry and meat producer denies the charges. What else are they going to do? But given the sorry history of the EEOC failing to do much about discrimination complaints, this one is likely to be well documented. If you feel motivated to ask Tyson about how they treat their employees, they have a comment form here.

Thanks to Shannika at Political Sapphire for pointing out this story.

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Racism will never disappear; it's a genetic weakness in some people.
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