Sunday, April 23, 2006

"All eighteen of them want to testify"

Do you think they are dangerous?

"I feel we are in a good position. I haven't heard anything that has made me concerned," said Marie Runyon, 91, the oldest of the defendants....

"I did it because of that miserable, illegal war. That son-of-a-b---- never should have started it," Runyon said, referring to President Bush. "I would say it to his face."

In honor of grandmothers on trial in New York for protesting the Iraq war, here are some more pictures of San Francisco Bay Area Grandmothers against the War rallying outside the Oakland Federal building, Monday April 17.

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Man Eegee said...

Thanks for sharing all these pix, jan. It makes my heart smile to know that there are Warriors for Peace all across this country letting everyone know where they stand.

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