Friday, April 28, 2006

Stirrings in the 'hood

An early morning walk along Mission St. in San Francisco this morning left no doubt that excitement is rising about "El Gran Paro," next Monday's boycott, strike, and protests against proposed "immigration reform" legislation that would criminalize undocumented people. The printed poster above lays out the day's program of rallies and marches.

Many businesses have already posted signs explaining why they'll be closed. Very likely owners and workers alike will be on the streets.

"This establishment supports the rights of immigrants and will be closed on May 1st, 2006."

Some businesses wrote their own signs.

This one is in the window of a jewelry store.

An enterprising (and excellent) taqueria added its own advertising to a call for the marches. When the movement inserts itself into business as usual, it begins to take on the characteristics of a true civil rights movement.

This shopkeeper is selling a special t-shirt for the occasion. "We're united -- we're staying, together."

Monday's boycott and protests look to be large, militant and possibly ground-breaking, at least in this immigrant neighborhood.

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