Sunday, April 23, 2006

I suppose we have to do this...

Sungroper solar car team with their satellite dish and the world's most remote internet site. Photographer: David Hancock. © SkyScans.

The internet (and its blog subset) has democratized information exchange to an extent that any of us who once reeled out leaflets and published alternative papers could have fantasized about.

Not surprisingly, the corporate vendors of information want to rein in the proles on the loose out there -- or at least find a better way to make money on the internet.

They are proposing, with Congressional help, to introduce a tiered system of net use that will guarantee that the mediocrity of cable television is replicated -- and we'll be nudged over into a "public access" slow lane.

Go learn more and take action here. And if you are feeling creative and want to do more, check this contest out.

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