Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog toy: right brain or left brain?

No picture with this one because the picture is the content. The simple exercise at this link claims to show you whether you are right brained (use feeling, "big picture" oriented, imaginative, etc.) or left brained (use logic, detail oriented, facts rule, etc.). I was strongly "right brained" -- until I looked at it for awhile and figured out how to make it give the contrary action. How left brained is that?

Try it and share perceptions in comments if so moved.

Thanks to Seeing the Forest for this one.


BEG said...

seems to be random for me which direction it goes when i first look at it. when i watch it for a while (can't quite force it), it will flip and go the other way and so on.

it's pretty cool, but i don't know what it really shows ;-)

Kidazy said...

Definitely see her turning anti-clockwise, no matter how hard I try I can't get her to go the other way.

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