Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday cat blogging:
Kittens against impending homelessness

My neighbors are being forced out of their home of the last twenty years. Theirs is a commonplace San Francisco situation. The building is old; the former owner was ancient (really, over 100); the tenants never asked for any upgrades or even repairs; and their rents, stabilized by inertia and legal limits on increases, gradually fell way below what the market would bear. When the landlady died, the heirs looked at this piece of San Francisco property and said to themselves "goldmine -- but only if we can get rid of the tenants." The tenants have some legal protections, but over the next year or so, through tortuous legal processes that may eventually lead to cash payments, they are going to be booted out.

So how did one of the tenants respond to the prospect of losing her home? She became a "foster parent" to homeless kittens. Her task is to spend six weeks loving and handling the offspring of feral cats for Animal Control so that the kittens become ready for adoption. How about these charmers?




Not the worst companions when faced with the loss of your home.
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