Monday, November 19, 2007

Depressing thought for a Monday morning.

A corner of an evaporating glacier, Kilimanjaro, 2002.

A Democrat on the Democrats:

The message from the world's science community is that humanity has seven years in which to abate the growth of carbon emissions. That is less than a two-term President's opportunity to lead. The next American President effectively will decide mankind's future relationship with the planet.

As of now, no Democratic candidate is making this necessary crusade the centerpiece of their campaign, and every Republican candidate in effect sub silentio supports the melting of the ice caps, drowning of Florida, flourishing of plague and pestilence, and sparking of global war over energy resources. In this latter respect if anything I underestimate the terrible policies advocated by the Republicans. They make the America Firsters of the years before Pearl Harbor look like globalists. The Democrats, however, have within their group no one who as yet is the fervent champion of what Al Gore has won the Peace Prize for.

Reed Hundt, TPM

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Jan said...

Yes, depressing. More so looking at that picture. Too true, and not what anyone wants to hear. . . . Thanks.

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