Friday, November 16, 2007

Iraq Moratorium day

Step by step the longest march can be won, can be won
Many stones can form an arch, singly none, singly none
And by union what we will can be accomplished still
Drops of water turn a mill, singly none, singly none.

From the preamble to the constitution of the United Mineworkers of America

Buhdydharma has up a great post for this Iraq Moratorium Friday. The little essay explores the metaphor of the water of resistance -- the demand to stop U.S. war(s) -- spreading out through the U.S. population, seeping into unexpected cracks, leaking out where least expected.

Take a look at Bruce Lee on the power of water:

As an alternative to big peace marches and the tiresome, though necessary, work of pressuring complacent politicians of both parties, the Iraq Moratorium aims to get as many possible of us moving on a local level on the 3rd Friday of every month. The Iraq Moratorium project undoubtedly needs any spare change we have available.

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