Friday, November 09, 2007

Long live the Doggies

The dogs were out for a ride on Valencia Street the other day. I have no idea why.

These three 7 foot high dog heads are relics of the Doggie Diner fast food restaurants that thrived back when we hadn't yet figured out that our car culture and cheap fatty meals were sure to kill us. The local chain was founded in 1949. One of these dog heads on a pole looked out from each location. When the chain failed in the 1980s, most of the heads were either destroyed or snapped up by collectors -- these must be some of those.

After dedicated struggle by preservationists, the last dog head was planted out by Ocean Beach on the median strip of Sloat Blvd. at 45th Avenue. I imagine that tourists take it for something to do with the Zoo across the street.

If those tourists care to look closely, they'll find this plaque at the base of the dog's pole. From the plaque, I learned the Doggie Diners were union shops. All the more reason to mourn that innocent era.

I've always liked the dog heads so I'm glad that Ocean Beach neighbors managed to preserve this monument to another time.


sasha said...

They are connected with the Chicken John crowd. I think they were in the hood for his election party at 12 Galaxies.

Jan said...

Funny. Thanks.

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