Friday, January 25, 2008

Will Clinton use this? Will Obama? Will Edwards?

If any Democratic Presidential hopeful is willing to publicize a clip of whoever becomes the Republican nominee from this exchange, s/he will win in November.

Can the peace movement make it worth the while of a Democrat to run against the war? If that's what the nominee thinks it will take to win, any of them will do it. And if that's what they run on, it will be easier to make the winner get out in 2009. That's our project.


Jane R said...

Haven't even had time to view this -- very busy on Major Writing Project this weekend and school just began a couple of weeks ago so my weekdays have been busy too.

But on another election-related topic, check this out. Item on my blog linked to interesting Boston Globe story. Far less weighty than your post here, but still worth a quick look especially with your consulting to organizations on campaigns.

P.S. Your word verification thingie says "kafix" which reminds me of Caffix, the ersatz coffee stuff in jars in the health food stores (for people who don't want caffeine - I think it's European) and of caffeine, which I need a bit of right now. ;-)

janinsanfran said...

Folks who enjoy thinking about typography should absolutely go look at jane's Boston Globe link. Great story.

I remember Caffix -- in one of my lives I used to drink the stuff. Now I mainline instant ..

Jane R said...

BTW, got your note over at my place, and the Globe story did include visuals (except for Mitt's for some reason)-- did the link not show them?

Michael-David said...


Why would the peace movement in 2008 force the Dems to campaign against the war when the peace movement in 2004 (and 2006) was not willing to even try?

If the peace movement campaigns for whomever the Dems nominate, they will have to base their work on that campaign on half-truths and lies (1). Telling the truth about the candidates positions is not compelling for GOTV work.

Now if the peace movement either supported a candidate who had our politics or if we were committed to building the movement irrespective of who was running...

We can all dream but I'm stuck in pessimism of the intellect.

(1) Remember Kerry as "our" anti-war candidate while he was promoting what became Bush's surge policy because Bush just wasn't willing to commit ENOUGH troops? How many of our friends who traveled to Iowa and Ohio mobilized voters on that message?

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