Monday, February 25, 2008


Sky as I completed my run tonight.

One thousand, one hundred sixty six posts have appeared here since February 25, 2005. Three years of this project; that's quite a long time and a lot of words and pictures.

Don't know how long I'll go on, but I've been told it has been useful to a few. It certainly has been fun for me.


Jane R said...

Keep blogging! Happy blogiversary from one of your fans.

bjohanna said...

Your blog is the only one I check every day. Every day that I have access to a computer, that is.

Tina said...

it is wonderful to read you and look at your pictures. i do it practically everyday. keep up the great work.
your fan in beirut.

naomi dagen bloom said...

jan, just read your first monthly post at the elderblogger site, and hope you will continue here. we need your voice in both places!

yours, naomi

Man Eegee said...

late to the party, but wanted to congratulate you on the milestone. I always look forward to reading your perspective. paz

emilyH said...

jan, please keep blogging! i love seeing what news you gather together and reading your clear sane voice. big fan here- Emily H (formerly of Oakland, but now in LA)

Ginger Mayerson said...

I'm a little late with this, but


Long may you blog.


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