Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Peace breaking out? -- not quite

Baghdad Observer -- McClatchy journalist Leila Fadel -- reports that the Iraqi Presidency Council's website was hacked by someone who doesn't think much of the current authorities. The site has since been repaired.

But for some period, the main page (shown above), instead of offering government news, read "Defaced." The hacker protests the new flag and anthem imposed by the U.S.-supported rulers.

The hacker asks, "A question; what are you doing for the country besides theft, looting and killing the people? ...

"Mention one thing that you did and the people will say 'God have mercy on the government's parents.' Of course you know very well that Iraqis are dying by the thousands. If one person died from the parliament or the ministries wouldn't the world turn upside down? Wouldn't it?

"You left militias and the problems of the country and came to the symbol of Iraq, the Iraqi flag, and changed it. This is the flag that we raise everywhere and we are proud of it. This is the one we used to wrap our martyrs who sacrificed their souls for the sake of this country. ...

"... the ones who sabotaged the site are Iraqis and we belong to our country not to anyone else.

"We know very well that this will not change anything but we are expressing the feelings of all Iraqis...Hopefully consciences will awaken."

Not a happy camper there. Maybe the war will go on for Senator McCain's 100 years.

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Stuart said...

There is no doubt that the current state of the war is confusing, sad, and violent. Let's not forget the many horrible mistakes that happened at the beginning of this disaster.

Here's a video I directed about the looting of the Iraqi National Museum. Thought it might be of interest. It consists of an interview with Dr. Donny George, the former director, and includes images of the destruction, as well as, Iraqi music suggested by Dr. George. The link is below.

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