Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Brattleboro acts as a citizen grand jury

Voters in this Vermont town got to cast a ballot today on whether, if George W. Bush or Dick Cheney were to visit there, local police should arrest them for war crimes, perjury or obstruction of justice.

When the town leaders voted to put the advisory measure on the ballot, the Drudge Report ("a conservative-leaning Web site based in Washington, D.C. which is most famous for breaking the Monica Lewinsky scandal" in the description of the Rutland Herald) instigated hundreds of angry letters and emails to the town.

I would not be surprised if the town caught another blast of right wing anger tomorrow when the votes are counted. Flinty, sensible folks those Vermonters -- a very long time ago I worked a campaign in Brattleboro and I don't think those people are going to knuckle in response to howls of right-wing anguish.

Update: George and Dick better stay out of southeastern Vermont. The Boston Globe reports:

In Brattleboro, the vote was 2,012-1,795. In Marlboro, which held a town meeting on the issue, it was 43-25 with three abstentions.

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