Sunday, March 30, 2008

Morning Retch:
Trouble for equivocating pols


Dennis B. Ross, a Middle East peace negotiator in the administrations of the first President Bush and President Bill Clinton, said the violence posed risks for candidates in both parties.

“Senator McCain is more vulnerable than the Democrats, because this is a reminder of how messy the situation remains in Iraq,” Mr. Ross said. “This is an interesting reminder of how much remains to be done. With the main focus having been on the military side, the surge has not created enough of a self-sustaining political fabric.”

New York Times,
March 30, 2008

I suppose the danger to the Democratic candidates is that if people start noticing again that Iraq is FUBAR, enraged voters will force whichever one emerges from the scrum get U.S. troops the hell out of the middle of the Iraqi civil war.

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