Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday 2008:
The cross the US has brought to Iraqis

After seeing Saddam statue collapsed at Firdoos square in central Baghdad on April9th, we forgot all that suffering with great expectations to witness a new era of freedom and prosperity having no Saddam and his followers.

Five years had passed since the multi national invasion head by the USA, but we had witnessed few positives factors including the space of freedom in society and raising the standard of livings for some governmental employees. [B]ut the negative factors are so many that made some Iraqis who welcomed the occupied forces wish to have Saddam’s regime back better than the recent days.

Nowadays, we lack of power supply, water, fuel, reconstruction and other services .We suffer from corruption in all fields. We suffer from the unemployment. We lack the ration food stuff and its bad quality. The major thing we suffer from is the powerful parties and their mismanagement, abuse of power, discredit, maltreatment and bad faith. ...

Shortly, in the last five years, Iraqi people get suffering more than the 24 years of those during Saddam’s regime.

In the past, we have the mass graves hidden while nowadays we can see them in open streets. In the past we had Saddam and his security forces who caused that catastrophe while now we have the Qaeda, the gunmen, the guards of the foreign security companies and Iraqi officials, criminals and the USA troops who can cause death to anyone and anywhere in Iraq with or without reasons...

Inside Iraq

I have added some punctuation and paragraph breaks to Hussein's essay.

And the religious context implied by the headline is mine, not his. Today we mourn and try to find hope.

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