Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Credit where it is due

Digby writes from the Democratic Convention:

I also think this campaign may have been a crucible for [Hillary Clinton] in that she rediscovered her feminist roots. An awful lot of progressive women did. It wasn't so much because of a commitment or loyalty to Hillary Clinton herself but rather an unexpected and stunning realization that sexism still runs so close to the surface in our culture. Hillary didn't lose because of sexism but her campaign certainly exposed it. And it's had an effect on a lot of women. Certainly, last night, some of Michelle Obama's biggest applause lines had to do with women's equality (and it didn't just come from Hillary supporters.) Clinton's grandest achievement in this campaign may have been to raise that awareness --- and hopefully she will use her position as the most powerful woman in the US Senate to advance the cause.

That just about sums up the best of what Clinton did in this campaign for me. She was never my choice, but I came to like her better. I loved watching Bill glow with pride last night. He owed and it looks like he gave.

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Tina said...

Hilary Clinton did support at least two wars, the war on Iraq and the one on Lebanon in 2006. She is co-responsible for destructions of lives and of homes and of countries.
It is sad that women in the US would have to rely on such a person to advance their cause.

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