Sunday, February 01, 2009

Obligatory Super Bowl post: Go Steelers!

This is not only because Troy Polamalu has great hair and Hines Ward has a great smile.

It's also because the Pittsburgh team has an owner who campaigned for a black Democrat. Those rich guys are usually Republicans -- but apparently not Dan Rooney.

Back when then-Sen. Barack Obama was waging an uphill battle for Pennsylvania's Democrats in the party presidential primaries there, Dan Rooney, owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, stepped up to the plate - uh, no, that's mixing our runaway, unblocked sportaphors - lined up -- much better -- for Obama.

The Swamp

Go Steelers!

UPDATE: Now that was one of the most absorbing football games I've seen in a long time. Way to go Big Ben, Santonio Holmes, James Harrison, the whole lot of of them.


Kelli Busey said...

Oh oh it appears we are at an gathering of do gooders! A long stoy short, Kurt Warner met his wife she was a single mom who was affraid men would reject her. Kurt Married this moman(lucky duck) and they went on have two more children into there lives.

Samia said...

but fitzgerald's hair is much prettier! It was a fun game to watch. And the cardinals almost got it! Go chargers!

Rebecca Gordon said...

Not only is Fitzgerald's hair prettier, his skilz are astonishing!

Still, like Jan, I was rooting for Pittsburgh. Best Superbowl game since the 49ers used to rule.

Thomas Nephew said...

Best Superbowl game since the 49ers used to rule.
Those were the days. What a game! I was pulling for the Cardinals myself, out of sheer underdog-ism.

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