Monday, February 02, 2009

Strip mall statuary, again

It's an odd genre. But we do seem to have more and more of them. See another example here.

What the heck is that sitting on the patio of an urban McDonald's in Denver? Whatever it is, it has its own pigeon.

Some kind of heroic memorial?

I see, it's "The Fireboys Team." Huh?

There's an eager one.

This one seems to be having hat trouble.

The hero at the top pokes a stick into thin air.

Awfully homogenous little critters, these figures. A lot of firefighters I know aren't nearly so blond or so male. My friend who lives in the neighborhood suspects this piece of "art" was a response to NIMBY objections to the McDonald's.

It probably would have been cheaper for them simply to visit a garden supply company for a set of these:
Guess they would have needed plastic plants too, tho.


sfmike said...

It looks like a pedophile version of the Mechanics' Statue on Market and Sansome in San Francisco. I love that it's part of a new genre, Strip Mall Statuary.

Anne Vis said...

Beautiful observations ... and I like the pigeon part! :-)

Darlene said...

I think I would like some statuary in our strip malls. It would be a definite improvement.

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