Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday cat blogging
In which Dr. Lum visits Frisker

She's getting thin and bumpy. Sometimes dinner comes back up again. But she's not a cat you can take to a vet; she bites and claws for dear life all the way.

So Dr. Lum of San Francisco Veternary Housecalls came to see her.

She doesn't take to being felt up by a stranger.

When all that poking and prodding was over, she accepted our pats stoically.

But then that nice man brought out the kitty treats and he was forgiven.

She was perhaps not so sure she was reconciled with us. Time will tell whether she has to undergo any more of these indignities. Maybe she'll just have to have special food. Expensive food of course. She wonders whether she can persuade that nice man to prescribe smoked oysters?

1 comment:

Darlene said...

My goodness - a Vet who makes house calls is amazing. Now if I could just get my doctor to do the same ---.

Frisker is a beautiful cat and is lucky to have such good care, although I am sure she would not agree. I hope she is okay and just needs a change of diet.

Incidentally, my daughter had a cat who acted like Frisker when put in a car, so we put her in a pillow case before traveling with her. She yowled all the way, but it got her, and us, to the Vets in one piece.

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