Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Simple pleasures

I better post this picture now, before the flower goes the way of the last bloom that I posted. The local thief gets most of what bursts out in the yard. But we enjoy them while we can.

Today I foolishly decided to run over San Bruno Mountain in the late afternoon. The city was lovely through the smog. Because it was unusually windless, there were few hawks floating on thermals. That was undoubtedly good for the young rabbits that exposed themselves to view on the paths. They wouldn't last in the open if the hawks were cruising for dinner. I've never seen quite so many rabbits up there.

I bonked just below the summit and had to abandon the trail for the road. What's it mean by being over 90 degrees and windless in April? Last week it blew a cold gale. I'm a proper California weather wimp. Life is often good, despite it all.

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bjohanna said...

You're too kind. I would be tempted to coat the Bird of Paradise stalk with the sticky goo [Tanglefoot (R)] that's used to prevent ants from crawling up tree trunks. We've lost too many blooms and too many passers-by have been denied the pleasure of seeing all our irises in bloom.

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