Thursday, June 07, 2012

Obama in the city by the bay

The Prez was in town Wednesday to collect buckets of money from anxious Democratic donors. I imagine he did rather well. Reports say he was introduced by Willie Mays.

He also attracted TeaBaggers to the foot of Market Street, such as this one.

A good crowd waited more than an hour for the presidential motorcade to pass. Some of that wait was involuntary. One of our staff was penned in for 45 minutes while returning from an errand -- for the sake of "security." She was calm about it.

At the fundraiser, he is reported to have said:

“I still believe in you. So I hope you still believe in me,” he said.

Well, no I don't believe in him -- but just to be clear, of course I'm going to vote for him, however consistently critical I am of him on this blog. The other guy would be much worse, a liar without discernible convictions. With Obama, there's a better chance to fight another day for women, for gays, for low income people (especially those of color), for older people dependent on Social Security and Medicare, for any hope of justice from the courts, for any hope of a relatively pacific attempt to retreat from world empire. Obama is what we've got and his manifold wrongs, often catalogued here, don't change that.

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Classof65 said...

We must support Obama -- I don't want to try to imagine what life will be like with a Mitt (read Nit-Wit)in office...

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