Friday, June 01, 2012

"Dear God, you know I am a girl; make it so!"

This is way longer than the clips I usually post here, but not to be missed. Three years ago I had the privilege of working with these brave folks at the triennial convention of the Episcopal Church. Soon they'll be off to another intense episode of consultation, deliberation, exhaustion and perhaps exhilaration.

"I'd give you forgiveness -- but I don't see the sin …"

"I bring the embodiment of death and resurrection .."

"There was never a question about the love …"

"We will work until there are no strangers left at the gate of this church …"

"This is the Holy Spirit doing exactly what Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would do which is to lead us to all truth …"

Enjoy. Find out more here.

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kathy a. said...

a friend who is an episcopalian minister also passed this along. i am not a person of faith, but was raised episcopalian -- the lessons about social justice that i learned have influenced me a great deal, and i am so glad that the american church has moved in this direction.

my own childhood parish? not so much. it started changing before i dropped out, and is now one of those breakaway parishes, following some bishop in africa who hates on gay people. sigh.

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