Saturday, June 09, 2012

On Wisconsin: we are not done

... perhaps, as the Koch-fueled Republicans suggest, it is time to ransack the unions, especially easy these days since they don't seem capable of convincing a majority of Americans that they serve a significant function. Perhaps it is time to admit what becomes more apparent each election cycle: that the national Democratic Party is forever diminished due to chronic ambivalence between corporate power and progressive promises. Perhaps it was time to just give up.

Or perhaps not. Perhaps we wake up, look to ourselves, and realize it is the same as it ever was. Institutions aren't going to deliver us. In a one party system, all else is resistance. Visibility, creativity, bodies in space, the power of purposeful play, engagement, community… all semaphore for a way to live, cloud-tags for the practice of everyday life. We awaken, not to a wake, but to a wakening. We're still here, and we insist on essential visibility.

Overpass Light Brigade, June 7, 2012

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