Friday, April 26, 2013

Listen to the matriarch….

She says "We've had enough Bushes …" Her assurance that her assessment of who is qualified to be President matters is unattractive, but I'll take the substance.
My mother thought Barbara Bush was a perfect specimen of a political wife. I thought Mrs. Bush seemed loathsome. Obviously, my mother and I had different politics.

I sometimes wonder whether George W's presidency might have been enough to dislodge my mother's inherited Republican allegiance if she'd lived to see it. She was a Republican who believed in abortion rights and would have felt shamed by the Bush torture regime. But for her, for all George W.'s phony folksy facade, she would have seen him and his family as proper occupants of the White House, the right sort of people.

Contemporary Republican knuckle-draggers might have finally pushed my mother away. Their ignorance and crudity might have been too much for her. She would have thought the Obama's were a "nice family." And, I'm pretty sure that she would have thought we'd had enough of the Bush family. Let someone else do it.

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