Saturday, April 06, 2013

Saturday scenes and scenery: a few automotive hood ornaments

Once upon a time, in my youth, it was easy to pick out different car models. In those days, car companies competed to distinguish their wares one from another. The result was some truly baroque designs -- tail fins, huge front grills, bodies sleek, and other bodies boxy.

These days, pretty much all modern cars look alike. I long ago stopped being able to discern the differences. And consequently, some tiny fraction of us, striving for individuality, are adding after market hood ornaments -- or treasuring old ones -- that help our vehicles stand out from the crowd. Here are a few I've seen recently.

hood ornament.JPG
This add-on lady strikes a pose.

ram hood ornament figurehead!.jpg
Dodge has been using variants of ram figures for a long time. This one is surprisingly finely detailed.

hood ornament2.JPG
This one was on an old Pontiac.

iron hood ornament.jpg
I don't know quite what inspires someone to add this to their car, but there it was.

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1 comment:

Classof65 said...

Could the iron be a protest made to Milton Bradley for dropping the iron in favor of a cat figurine in their Monopoly games?

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