Thursday, January 02, 2014

Good news for San Franciscans

The City Attorney's lawsuit against the private accrediting agency that is seeking to shut down City College has led to an injunction that forbids any such action until there has been a trial on numerous charges of political bias and conflict of interest.

City College of San Francisco's accreditation cannot be revoked until a trial can determine whether a commission acted lawfully in deciding that the vast school was so poorly run that it should be shut down, a judge ruled Thursday.

... The ruling allows City College to continue trying to repair the many administrative and financial deficiencies that put its accreditation in jeopardy in the first place. But it means that accreditation could not be revoked unless the commission won at trial.

But [Judge Curtis] Karnow's ruling indicates he thinks [City Attorney Dennis] Herrera would win at trial.

San Francisco Chronicle

Many locals have always claimed that the accrediting outfit's action has not been about correcting City College's organizational deficiencies, but rather about imposing "market" (read capitalist) values on the community institution. Some background here.

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