Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday scenes and scenery: red, gold and ready to cheer

If I'd been carrying a camera today, I'd have been able to demonstrate here that every other person in San Francisco seems to be wearing 49ers paraphernalia ahead of Sunday's NFC championship game.
But this wasn't one of my days conducive to photography, so I'll settle for some of the dozens of images of 49er fandom that I've collected in the last year of walking the city's precincts.
Our enthusiasm is pugnacious.

Flags are flying.

 The iconic 49er rides on a fire truck.

This is a public bus, but today I saw one of the private Google buses displaying the same slogan. Everyone's in on the act.

If our gladiators prevail on Sunday, this will be only a prelude. Go 49ers!

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