Monday, September 01, 2014

On Labor Day, San Franciscans at work

These photos are by-products of my precinct photography project.

In general, it is easier catch glimpses of men at work on the streets than of women.

But if you look, you can find women keeping the world going.

Not to mention guys who contribute to the theater of the streets.

This women keeps the buses and trolleys running -- maybe not on time, but running.

I often wonder how construction workers deal with the challenges of transporting their tools and of parking in crowded areas.

Until I had occasion to midwife a real estate transaction from inception to conclusion, I used to think that real estate agents didn't really work. I was wrong. Agents may do very well in our super-heated market, but many work for their pots of gold.

Sometimes the sidewalk is the workplace.

Click any of these to enlarge.

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